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Donni Phommany Donni Phommany, a lifelong Portland resident, has witnessed the area’s transformation and growth firsthand. He embraces the change and increasing diversity throughout the region and believes it makes our communities even stronger. If you call this city home, you know it’s a place like no other.

But the practices of predatory creditors, lenders and organizations that caused homeowners to lose their properties during the Great Recession made Donni wary of misleading mortgage information. Portland’s hot real estate market moves quickly and can be overwhelming, especially for first-time homebuyers. They deserve a local professional who understands the market, offers honest guidance and can help them clear the financial obstacles to applying for and securing a great mortgage.

It’s Donni’s personal mission to help correct financial injustice, one Oregonian at a time. With more than 15 years of experience, mortgage lending is not only his background, it’s his passion. The Mortgage Medic Team simplifies the mortgage process, ensuring clients understand their options and get the mortgage that fits their needs for the long term. Homebuyers can expect straightforward advice and a friendly, educational approach to the mortgage process — no matter their financial position.

Large national lenders have reduced mortgages to commodities and silenced the personal stories behind each homebuyer’s experience. Donni and his team know everyone’s background is important. Their relationships are based on thoughtful dialogue and careful planning — not transactions. The Mortgage Medic’s Teams loan experts know that each person takes a unique path toward the dream of owning a home, and a human touch is needed to develop individual finance options.

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