Lending Proposal Reviews and Verification

Borrowers can’t afford to make a bad decision on their home loans. The consequences of the wrong mortgage can hamstring cash flow and credit for years. While it’s important that these decisions are well-researched, many applicants are not informed about the possible choices that can help their position.

Reviewing the loan estimate can identify benefits and opportunities for applicants before any decisions are made. Pre-empting questions about or problems with proposals may also save potential headaches near the closing of a transaction.

The Mortgage Medic Team offers mortgage proposal reviews as a professional second opinion. Our team’s priority is to ensure both our clients and those of our real estate agent partners get a competitive quote and fully understand their options. Proposal reviews are complimentary and often completed within 24 hours.

Reviewing loan estimates isn’t about competition; we’re just doing what’s right. We’ve seen the terrible outcomes of a delinquent mortgage and talked to homeowners who are in over their heads on a high payment. These devastating problems are usually avoidable if identified during a proposal review. We’re happy to be a sounding board for aspiring homeowners and ensure their mortgages are the right fit.

Mortgage proposals are complicated; you owe it to yourself to have a local expert check yours and provide their opinion. If you’re in the process of getting a mortgage, call The Mortgage Medic Team for a complimentary, no-obligation review of your loan estimate.

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