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Unlock many generic online mortgage calculators, we pride ourselves on having the simply one of the best and most reliable one. Users can save, compare, download and email. We have had wonderful feedback on our calculator and users will not be disappointed!

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#1. Purchase/Refinance Loan Type

  • Get Specific with your Loan Type and be informed!
    1. FHA
    2. Conventional
    3. JUMBO
    4. USDA (Rural Housing)
    5. VA (Veterans Affairs)
Mortgage Medic

#2. Choice of Loan

  • Choose between Purchase or Refinance Calculation that can affect your loan and rate.
Mortgage Medic

#3. Detailed Calculations with Add-Ons

  • Customize your annual expenses into the mortgage calculator for accurate budgeting.
Mortgage Medic

#4. PDF Email & Amortization

  • Send yourself a PDF for filing and view your specific amortization schedule and costs.
Mortgage Medic

#5. View Past Save Calculations

  • Need to compare previous calculations? We’ve got you covered!
Mortgage Medic

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