Mortgage Grants and Downpayment Assistance Program

Grants and DAPs (Downpayment Assistance Program) are fantastic tools for buyers with limited available funds for a down payment. Available through local and national organizations, grants and DAPs are usually available to first-time buyers, homeowners who haven’t purchased property in a number of years and individuals named for a specific program.

At The Mortgage Medic Team, we believe that everyone deserves to know the benefits of homeownership. We’re eager to help applicants understand all of the available options and programs to assist with a down payment. Our primary objective is to explain the terms and eligibility conditions so that our customers fully understand them. We work with our clients to identify and research the appropriate options for them and ensure they know the exposures and limitations that accompany the program they choose.

Many lenders shy away from such programs, as the benefit to the lender may not be enough. We have a different perspective. When grants and DAPs can help families and individuals get into a home, we are all for it! Our team’s objective is helping homeowners get a great mortgage and, in doing so, creating clients for life.

We realize that programs requirement for lender approvals can be overwhelming. Call The Mortgage Medic Team to talk about your options for grants and DAPs.

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