As business professionals, we pride ourselves in services the needs of our real estate partners. We understand the importance of competitive advantages that benefits our agents and their clients. We earn the business of our partners through constant communication and expert advice! Below are advantages we pride ourselves on over market competitors.

a. AP Connect

  • Getting an abundance of customer leads are one issue that many real estate agents have but the ones that receive them has a whole new set of problems on how fast to respond. Timing is of the essence and we’ve got you covered with AP Connect! Our in-house programs call leads within 5-mins for 7-days a week!

b. AP Mobile

  • Our mobile application is a wonderful tool for both Real Estate Agents and customers. Features includes real-time home searches, mortgage calculator, file updates, appraisal reviews and spot pre-approval letters.

c. Co-Branding Listing Services

  • Do you need marketing materials fast? We can help! We have tools available to our partners that can create professional marketing pieces with a same-day turnaround time. Let us help you prepare for your next listing appointment or open house!

d. MAP 6 (Mortgage Action Plan)

  • Our comprehensive homeownership mortgage action plan allows partner agents to refer every client no matter what qualification level. We help clients from ground level credit education to full mortgage pre-approvals. Send credit challenged clients to us and we will help create a plan for future homeownership. Once they are ready, we will notify our partners to begin their home search.

e. Local Fulfillment Center

  • Being local is a true advantage. Our local fulfillment center houses, underwriters, loan document drawers, loan funders and more! Our ability to make decisions locally and fast gives us a distinct advantage over many of our competitors.

f. Continuing Education Classes

  • We offer instructor certified approved real estate CE courses. We are always willing and able to teach them in our offices and/or at real estate offices. We offer the following courses on demand.
    • a. Mortgage 101
    • b. Credit Management
    • c. CPA Advisory Panel for Agents
    • d. MAP 6
    • e. List Reports (Co-Branding Listing Services)

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